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Training Methodology

About our Training Methodology

The question many people face is: Am I doing my life’s work? This question is answered by knowing and understanding your personal values. If your values are aligned with your work then you have a positive answer. Most Project Managers consider themselves as accidental project managers. In other words very few people set out to ultimately become project managers, we start our careers out with a primary education and skill and eventually levitate toward project management which mostly is a secondary skill.

The training methodology we subscribe to at Davis&Dean follows a five stage model called the “Stages of Skill Learning”, which is a psychological model depicting different levels of emotions people experience in the evolvement of gaining any given skill.

The “Stages of Skill Learning” model starts with everybody being blissful about the desire or application of a given skill set. Awareness takes place that the skill could be taken advantage of, which then allows progress to the next stage where frustration is experienced.

The person then embarks on a process of theoretical training in order to gain the skill. The theoretical process is enhanced by case studies and role-play. With their limited knowledge available the person would then experience feelings of awkwardness in the initial application of the skill. This is generally the highest skills base achieved through theoretical training. This is also the stage where people would then decide whether they would continue to apply the skill or simply abandon it.

Progress to the natural and confident stages is generally achieved through continuous practice (on-the-job-training (OJT)) and reinforced feedback.

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