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Project management awareness training


The Davis&Dean Project Awareness Workshop is an intense programme in which participants work in teams of 4 to gain insight into “Managing By Project.” Participants are given the project, stakeholder, communication, resource, cost and risk- plans to guide them through the execution process of a sixteen week project. During the execution process participants work our computer-based workplace simulation, and use project management skills, tools and techniques, including KPI’s, to bring the project in on time and within an allocated budget.

Team decisions based on the given plans and are entered into the team’s computer for each project week. The effects of decisions are seen immediately and feedback is provided through a complete set of management reports. After a review of the week’s performance, and comparison of results with their plan, the team proceeds with decisions for the next week, continuing week by week through the 16 week project. The team makes a management report to the house.

The Managing by Project workshop is not a video game. It requires sound leadership and management skills working on a workplace simulation of actual management processes, programmed in artificial intelligence, affording participants a complete and realistic experience. The project unfolds differently for each team, depending upon the decisions they make and upon random unplanned events. Success in the workshop, as on the job, is gained by applying good people management principles, a consistent management style, and an integrated strategy.

At the end of day, participants will have had a successful experience applying the principles of project management in a business environment. Most important, they will be fully prepared to interpret project plans in the work place.

The experience provides for a very realistic insight and understanding of the day-to-day issues faced by experienced project teams.

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