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National Certificate Hygiene and cleaning supervision

About the Nation Certificate

The Qualification aims to allow employees within the industry portability in terms of career advancement as well as career pathing to develop a sense of achievement amongst employees about their performance within the industry. Integrate cleaning knowledge and skills within the industry amongst employees. Develop a sense of pride amongst employees for their jobs and their industry. Enhance a code of ethics inclusive of viable and sustainable environmental management practices. Provide consistent quality and safety standards. Educate clients about hygiene, for the purpose of using “best practice” cleaning methods and to create environmental awareness.

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The contextualized purpose of this Qualification is to maintain the foundational, practical and reflexive competencies in an individual, required for a career in the Hygiene & Cleaning Services Industry, which will positively impact on the National social and economic transformation.

Central to the Qualification is the enhancement, implementation and maintenance of quality service and professionalism in the Hygiene and Cleaning Services Industry. This Qualification intends to provide skilled supervisors who can sustain gainful employment and deliver qualitative and quantative results within an organization. This will also achieve the objectives and principles of the NQF.

Credits gained at this level for this Qualification will be portable and transferable throughout the NQF system, giving the learner the opportunity of building up credits, within the wider spectrum of employment in South Africa, towards additional Qualifications. This will contribute to the self and career development of the learner. The credits reflect the practical and theoretical education and training aspects of the Qualification.

The critical cross-field outcomes are integrated into the assessment criteria of each individual Unit Standard. Whilst each Unit Standard is designed to be assessed on its own, (including the critical cross-field outcomes), Unit Standards have been combined into modules of marketable skills which can be assessed accordingly.

Thus, although the Qualification is aimed at providing the opportunity for learners to obtain a Qualification at Level 3 the modular approach enables them to become productive in a short time. Once a learner has completed all the modules successfully, s/he would have completed the full Level 3 Qualification.

The assessment of critical cross-field outcomes are integrated with the modules and thus the module serves as an exit level outcome. In terms of the modular structure, the exit level outcomes for this Qualification are:

1. Maintain equipment
2. Maintain marble, terrazzo, and stone floors
3. Restore marble, terrazzo, concrete and stone floors
4. Demonstrate knowledge of surfaces and chemicals
5. Remove spots from carpets – specialist
6. Identify business opportunities in a cleaning environment