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In teams of four or five, participants interact with a virtual team hundreds of times, as they learn to lead the virtual team successfully through layered, interlocking scenarios. Decisions must be made continuously over the course of the 24-week project; some affect the virtual team, some affect the participant team. Feedback is available from several sources: the team‘s computer, each other, the full class (usually 25-30 participants), and the workshop leader.

The Leadership in High Performance Teams computer-based “Workplace Simulations” is not a video game. It is a computer-based “Workplace Simulations” of actual leadership processes, programmed in computer expert system software (a type of artificial intelligence) to give participants a complete and realistic experience. The project unfolds differently for each team, depending upon the decisions they make and upon random unplanned events.

Success in the workshop, as on the job, is gained by applying the principles of managing, leading, adherence to sound values, a consistent leadership style, and an integrated strategy. At the end of the 2 days, participants will have had a successful experience of leading; one that they can apply immediately to their lives and their jobs with confidence because they have done it themselves!

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