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Project Management PROFESSIONAL training and development

Join our wall of fame – Davis&Dean Project Management Professional Training allows our prospective Project Professionals to pass with distinction and reach the top echelons of the project industry. Everything you learn is applied immediately back at work.


The Project Management Professional Training for Exam Preparation (PMP® Exam Prep) is designed to prepare students to understand project management processes, tools and techniques and pass the PMP exam from the Project Management Institute (PMI ®) www.pmi.org


This professional project management training course includes theoretical, practical and certification components that focus on preparing students for becoming Project Management Professionals. This Course is ideal for all prospective project  management professionals.


The Davis&Dean Youth Development Programme is a private-public partnership initiative with Davis&Dean partnering with Corporate Business and Government as joint sponsors. The programme is aimed at making South African youth more employable.

How our courses work?

Davis and Dean project managementOur philosophy of “Life Long” learning enables us to stay at the forefront of teaching modern day project management.

Davis and Dean project managementOur facilitators are all practicing and seasoned project managers.

Davis and Dean project managementDavis&Dean practices and teaches the philosophy of “Business Management By Portfolio”.

Davis and Dean project managementSubsidiary plans are mostly done in isolation, Davis&Dean teaches you how to integrate all subsidiary plans during implementation.

Davis and Dean project managementDavis&Dean specializes in the “Art” of Project Management, what you learn from us you apply immediately back at work.

Davis and Dean project managementDavis&Dean believes that PEOPLE make projects work, we teach you to take care of the people first, the rest follows naturally.

Davis and Dean project managementLearn to take full advantage of all project management tools and techniques.

Davis and Dean project managementLearn to live by Total Quality Management, and achieve quality by design and not by accident.


We specifically developed computer-based “Workplace SimulationsTM” to train project managers in both basic and advanced topics. Our computer-based “Workplace Simulations” are designed to be fast, effective ways to teach and learn project management skills by practicing them until they become natural habits.

Computer-based “Workplace Simulations” training is a must experience that you will remember forever and skills development that you can apply immediately after completion of your training.

The Davis & Dean Youth Development Programme (YDP) is aimed at South African youth between the age of 18 and 29, who hold a Matric Certificate and who are currently unemployed.
The Advanced Project Management Certificate is a qualification that is modular by nature and includes knowledge, experiential and certification components before taking an exam.
The Davis & Dean Online Project Training deals with all the Knowledge Areas from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) in a practical way.
Awareness training for project stakeholders is an intense one-day experience of how projects are run at the coal-face. There is no better way to give senior and executive managers insight into a typical day of the Project Manager‘s life.
Davis & Dean provides you with the opportunity to gain this skill in a controlled and safe environment. Learn to bring your projects in on-time and budget, and please your stakeholders consistently.
Managing by Project (MBP) Workshop is an intense skills program in which 21 weeks project mangement experience is compressed into 3 days.
The Guiding Organisational Change (GOC) computer-based “Workplace Simulations” is an intense seminar in which 23 weeks’ transition management experience is compressed into 3 days.
Liberate the Leader within yourself by understanding who you are, what your personal values and needs are. People will then choose to follow you. Join our leadership program today
Focused soft-skills structured to the relevant organisational level ensures that the theory is put into practice. Build up your confidence by joining our value-based soft-skills development.
The Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Preparation (CAPM ® Exam Prep) is designed to prepare students to successfully pass the CAPM exam offered by the PMI ® www.pmi.org  The CAPM is a stepping stone for start-up project managers toward becoming a Project Management Professional.
The Online Davis & Dean Project Management Professional Training prepares students to take the PMI  Exam with confidence. The training is done in your own time and prepares attendees to pass the exam by helping them learn and apply all PMI ® processes, tools and techniques. www.pmi.org
The PMP ® Exam preparation course runs over 5 days and prepares attendees to pass the exam by helping them learn and understand the industry related processes, tools and techniques. Training for experienced project managers wanting to achieve Project Management Professional accreditation
“Before participating and completing the Advanced Project Management Certificate I was quite unsure of myself as a Project Manager to say the very least. However, these insecurities soon changed the more I got involved with the programme and became more familiar with the PMI and general Project Management philosophies. An important revelation was obtaining an understanding of what exactly constitutes a Project. The APMC helps one understand the “bigger picture” and gain an appreciation for it, which is of paramount importance.” SID FITZHENRY


Why Project Management Professional Training?

Do you miss your deadlines?
Are you stressed and disorganized?
Are you losing money?
We believe we can make a difference!


Only 16% of all projects are within budget & time specifications.


50% Of these projects do not meet the user’s requirements.

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